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Executive summary

Goldgate is a practicing Audit and Assurance Firm established in 2008 and registered with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU).

The firm is led by dynamic professionals whose vision and passion is complemented by a team of well-qualified, experienced and dedicated staff.

Goldgate CPA has successfully led projects in a variety of countries in the Great Lakes region.

The firm excels in offering accounting systems and control, auditing, Taxation, Business Management, and other financial services that are not limited to; private, statutory, and internal and management audits and a host of financial consultancy services. It offers professional guidance that leverages formalities needed to set up businesses in the industrial, trade or services sector either offshore at a local level.

Legal status

The firm is registered with the office of the Auditor General (Accountants' Registrar), Registrar of Business Names and other relevant authorities to legalise our professionalism in our operations.

The firm is listed in the Uganda gazette (in the Auditor General's Register) and is an approved audit firm for local and International institutions which has made it a distinguished audit firm in Uganda


To be the leading providers of high quality value for Money Auditing and Accounting Services


To provide a timely and accurate Professional Services with regard to Professional ethics and Values


In providing these solutions, we are guided by the following values:
Independence & Integrity.
We ensure that we are not compromised by any situations when we are executing our duties. We are always independent from the affairs of any client we deal with.
Transparency and Accountability.
At Goldgate, we emphasize transparency and accountability to avoid breaching relevant laws and contracts with clients respectively. We make sure we are liable and responsible for whatever we deal in on behalf of our clients where relevant and necessary.
Promotion of Accounting and auditing standards.
We aim at promoting accounting and Auditing standards, policies and procedures. We emphasize development of accounting and auditing professionalism through instilling of these standards in our team. Aiming at the international standards has put us to the winning end of the professional game.
Innovation and Ethical conduct
This is the cornerstone of every successful entity. At Goldgate we emphasize ethical conduct and professional hand on expertise where all team members are key in involvement.
Discipline and Teamwork.
We take lead to priotise these avenues of professional competence. This has elaborated values to have a unique way of timely target fulfillment. Together as a team we pool our resources, skills and knowledge to build the team to success.
Continuous learning and improvement.
This is steering wheel in all our endeavors and we make sure we develop the careers of our teams through provision of continuous learning opportunities
Social responsibility.
Goldgate has developed a name by getting involved in corporate social responsibility like sponsoring events, offering training facilities and sponsoring education programs for children and adult continuing education. We work to lift up the community.
Resourcefulness, creativeness and quality assurance
We are always on the look-out for new opportunities being available to improve our status and promote professionalism in Accountancy; we use all the creative ways we come up and resources we have access to move to another level in our service provision
Team orientation;
Quality is created to polish the quality of our performances.
Participatory Approach.
We discuss openly with our clients and the office team make sure all the required information is collected, we provide clear channels of communication to connect all stakeholders. We do this to make sure everyone involved enjoys success and delivery of services in time.


  • To provide the best and quality services commensurate with the clients' needs.
  • To accomplish the assignments with efficiency and effectiveness.
  • To perform the assignments with a high level of accuracy and completeness.
  • To perform in a high level of transparency and ethical behaviour.


The firm is led by the following partners passed by ICPAU

CPA. David R Mugisha
  • Cand. MSc. Fin & Acc
  • CPA (U)
CPA.Franco B Twinomugisha
  • ATC(K)
  • CPA (U)
  • Cand. FCPA
  • The Ethical Mind
  • The Creative Mind
  • The Respectful Mind
  • The Disciplinary Mind
  • The Integrating Mind
Key Staff
1.Timothy BasiimamporaCPA (U), Dip (Proj. Mgt)
2.Franco Twinomugisha(CPA), ATC (K), FCPA
3.David R MugishaCPA (U), MSc. (Fin & Acc)
4.David NaikerCPA (U)
5.Simon BwireCPA (U), B.COM-Acc, HDM
Other Staff
1.Geoffrey B AyebareACCA, BSc
2.Paul Laala OkiringCPA-U, DBS
3.Paul BakyayitaCPA-U
4.Carolyne Kategano BukirwaATC-U, DIP IN STEN